100 Days Of School Ideas

100 Days Of School Ideas

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We have almost made it through 100 days of school and we wanted to share some ideas with you. Here's 10 ways you can celebrate!


1. Make a cute snack from wafer cookies and mini donuts that make the shape of "100". Snacks are always a hit! Lessons for Little Ones gives some great examples.

2. Hide 100 (numbered!) chocolates around the room and play hide-and-go-seek. Differentiated Kindergarten has a great method for keeping track of what they've found!

3. Dress up like you're 100 years old, or make a portrait of your 100-year-old self out of craft supplies. Check out these ideas on Fluttering through the Grades!

4. Rock some 100 Days swag! Find creative and customizable designs for kids and teachers alike from Maley Designs.

5. Build a Froot Loop necklace with 100 pieces of cereal! Find a printable mat for counting them on One Sharp Bunch.

6. Count out 100 of one small item (or a few!) and put them in baggies. This gives kids a great visual representation of quantity, and counting them out can be fun! Mama Cheaps created a whole list of items you can count!

7. Take the "100 Acts of Kindness" Challenge! Try doing 100 acts of kindness in your school or community, and celebrate your success on the 100th day of school! You can use this printable poster from Toddler Approved to keep track of your progress.

8. Creating t-shirts to celebrate 100 days is always popular. But it can be messy and difficult, especially with a classroom full of kiddos! You can customize your own "100 Days" shirts without the chaos of craft supplies at Maley Designs! Shop our full collection here and let us help you celebrate in style!

9. "100" provides a great creativity prompt! What could you do with $100? 100 legs or arms? What could you do in 100 seconds? First Grade Fever has a cute and creative way to organize responses! 

10. Hang streamers from the doorway (the more colorful, the better!) to create a festive atmosphere for your classroom or home on the 100th day of school. Who doesn't love a little decoration? School is a Happy Place rocked this idea!


Want even more ideas? Check out our Pinterest board for more 100 Days inspiration and fun!

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