The Best Mermaid Birthday Ideas + Free Printable

Mermaids are right up there with unicorns and princesses on the list of classic girl birthday themes. If you're scrambling to make your little one's under-the-sea dreams come true, we have the perfect planning kit just for you!

Keep reading for the best mermaid birthday party cake, decor, food, games, favors, and more! 

Make a splash and start the celebration with the perfect invitation!
We've caught the best mermaid birthday party invitations, with options to print yourself, or to order pre-printed.
If you prefer ordering pre-printed invitations, EstablishedCoGifts can have these Under the Sea Invitations mailed right to your door!
Another great hassle-free option are these Mermaid Birthday Invitations from PrettyPaperPixels.
Order them in print, or purchase a digital copy to print yourself.
PrettyPress offers this adorable downloadable Mermaid Birthday Invitation to personalize and print yourself.
Another edit-yourself option from KayAndColeCreations, we love this Mermaid Girls Party Invitation on Etsy!
No birthday is complete without cake!
Below you'll find some incredible creations to inspire your local baker, as well as delicious designs you can recreate at home.
No matter your level of baking comfort, keep scrolling for inspiration!
These fancy fish creations can inspire your local baker!
Bring these designs to life in your own home kitchen with full tutorials!
Transform your party space into a deep sea wonderland with these fun and creative mermaid birthday party decor ideas!
Whether you're a DIY master or prefer store-bought, we have the perfect picks for you.
Keep scrolling!
Kristy By The Sea used a variety of paper plates to mimic scales on the wall.
We love this creative idea!
Get creative with those traditional decorating supplies -
turn streamers into seaweed and clear balloons into bubbles!
Party Like a Cherry shares these creative ideas on her blog.
Add your child's name to this personalized mermaid vinyl banner!
You can choose from several sizes through PalmtoPineDesign on Etsy.
You can take your standard party balloons to the next level with a little help from HappyPartySupply on Etsy.
Customize these mermaid balloon bundles with a giant number for your child's age!
Simply Allie has lots of fantastic decor ideas - so many she created a video!
For some quick inspiration, check out her DIY Mermaid Birthday Party YouTube video.

 KitchenDoor offers this cute mermaid decor package on Etsy.

Choose your customized combo of balloons, netting, and wording delivered right to your door!

Make sure your little mermaid looks the part with these mermaid birthday party outfits we've created just for the occasion!


Customize this simple mermaid birthday girl shirt with your child's age, and even change the colors!

 Deck the whole family out to match for the party!

 This matching family mermaid birthday shirt set can be customized with any colors, names, and sizes.

Check out this fun design in our shop!

 Your little one will love this mermaid tutu set!

The top is available with or without the accessories, and you can customize it with any age.

This is another style similar to the one above, but with your little one's name added!

This mermaid tutu set is available in our shop!

Go check it out!

Every party needs some great snacks.
Feed your deep sea crew with these awesome mermaid birthday party food ideas!
Fill these adorable Crabwiches with any filling you like: meat and cheese, PB&J, chicken or egg or tuna salad...the possibilities are endless!
Transform your favorite spinach or artichoke dip into the perfect Seaweed Dip mermaid snack!
Create your own delicious Ocean Water with this simple, easy party punch recipe from Laura's Crafty Life.
Click for the recipe! 
How adorable are these clamshell cookies?!
Add a pop of color to your sweet treats with the recipe from MomDot.
Muddy buddies/puppy chow is a kid classic.
This fun recipe from Pink Cake Plate shows you how to transform it into the perfect mermaid treat.
Wrangle some mermaid energy with these fun party games to keep your guests busy!
Transform a classic limbo game into an underwater blast with some blue streamers!
365 Day of Crafts offers a full tutorial.
Grab this printable Mermaid Scavenger Hunt kit on Etsy for just $5!
Customize it to your space to build your own treasure hunt adventure.
Have your guests decorate treasure boxes with paint, stickers, jewels, and more, and then take them home as party favors! 
You can even fill them with chocolate coins or wrapped candies as treasure.
Kimspired DIY shares almost a dozen different Mermaid Slime recipes.
You can't go wrong with slime!
 Every party needs a good take-home gift to continue the celebration!
We're gathered some fantastic mermaid birthday party favor ideas just for you.
Tie back some mermaid hair with these bright Mermaid Hair Ties from TheBohoGlam on Etsy.
BeadedPerfection offers these Mermaid Tail Bracelets on Etsy for some simple mermaid glam. 
These Mermaid Crayons come in pre-packaged, customizable bags.
Add your child's name and a special note to the label!
Oriental Trading offers these fun Squishy Mermaid Tails for less than $2 apiece!
You have all the ideas now for the perfect birthday party, but you still need to keep track of them all and make sure it all gets done! Don't worry, we've covered that too; check out our FREE PRINTABLE party planning checklist just for you!
Click below to get your copy!


Thanks for reading! We hope your party is a mermaid fairy-tail!

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The Best Rainbow Birthday Ideas + Free Printable

If your little one is in love with all things bright and colorful, we've picked the best rainbow birthday party ideas below just for you! Be inspired with fantastic rainbow birthday invitations, cake, games, food, and more!

 Kick off a rocking rainbow party with these cute invitations!
Find print-at-home options as well as pre-printed invitations for stress-free planning.

You can purchase, download, and print this Rainbow Birthday Invitation from TwingenuityGraphics on Etsy. Simple and easy!

If you prefer to order your invitations pre-printed, FirstandPaper offers these cute Boho Rainbow Birthday Invitations for hassle-free party prep.
Every good party needs some delicious birthday cake!
Our top picks for the best rainbow birthday cakes are below, both to inspire your local baker or for you to tackle in your home kitchen.

 Unless you're really brave, you can leave these to the professionals.

But they're food for the imagination!

Top left: Life Love and Sugar's Rainbow Swirl Cake

Top right: I Heart Baking's Rainbow Sprinkle Birthday Cake

Bottom left: Jen Keys' Unicorn Birthday Cake

Bottom right: Sugar Geek Show's Rainbow Cake

These have full tutorials for you to create at home!


Add a pop of color to your party space with some bright rainbow decor!
We've collected ideas for the DIY master as well as pre-made supplies for every kind of party planner.

Celebrate with this bright Rainbow Birthday Banner from TreeLittleBirdz on Etsy.
Personalize it with your child's name or a simple "Happy Birthday" message.
LiteratiParty offers a neat convenient Rainbow Balloon Kit on Etsy.
Inflate the balloons and you're ready to go!
Make this simple Rainbow Fan Garland at home!
Ice Cream Off Paper Plates offers a full, simple tutorial.
Running In Triangles created this bright rainbow Ceiling Canopy out of plastic tablecloths. So easy to decorate!
Some simple streamers and white balloons can create a beautiful rainbow display in your party space, presented by Delia Creates!

 Spruce up your paper goods with this cute Rainbow Party Cups tutorial from Handmade Charlotte! 

Every birthday kid wants to look their best on their big day.
Here at Maley Designs, that's our specialty!
We've created some perfectly personalized designs made with your little one in mind.
Our Pastel Rainbow design is available in several ages, and you can add your child's name to fully customize the design.
Featuring a more vibrant pop of color, our classic Rainbow Birthday Girl design is also fully customizable.
Feeding your partygoers is a must, but it's hard to find rainbow-themed foods that aren't packed with sugar and chemicals to send your kids up the walls.
We've found a menu of rainbow foods that you might eat on a normal day anyway!
Keep scrolling to check them out.
Bloom Designs shares this Rainbow Bars recipe - a fun twist on a classic crowd-pleaser, perfectly suited for your rainbow birthday celebration.
These fun rainbow pizza ideas are a great way to throw some veggies into your undoubtedly sugary celebration.
Tablespoon shares a recipe with canned pizza crust.
Alternatively, Gimme Delicious offers a homemade cauliflower crust recipe for the perfect rainbow pizza.
At this point, we've determined that you can add some food coloring to pretty much anything to make it a magical rainbow creation.
And spaghetti is no exception! Tablespoon offers a full tutorial for your pasta party.
Continuing with the pasta theme, TasteMade knocked this Rainbow Mac and Cheese out of the park!
Whether you're making sandwiches, breakfast toast, or garlic bread, some rainbow bread is sure to add a festive pop.
Dessert New Dinner Later has the perfect recipe for you!
Waffles are another kid favorite, and adding some puffy whipped cream clouds to these rainbow creations is sure to bring a smile.
Mommy's Fabulous Finds shares just how to get those crisp arcs on her blog.
Play Party Plan has created a Chase the Rainbow dice game with a free printable!
Head over to her blog to grab yours.
If the weather is nice, these Rainbow Bubble Snakes are easy to create from household supplies and fun to watch!
Rainbow slime...need we say more?
Hands On As We Grow created a Rainbow Scavenger Hunt to keep your kiddos occupied throughout your party space.
Full instructions on her blog!
A House Full of Sunshine features these cute rainbow manicures!


After a magically memorable rainbow birthday party, your guests will need something to bring home with them to continue the festivities.
We've gathered some fun favors, both DIY and pre-made, that are practically fun and won't break the bank.
Read on!
You can grab these personalized Rainbow Temporary Tattoos from 
These personalized Rainbow Lip Balms are available in a mind-boggling 51 different flavors, for just $1.75 per tube!
How fun are these Rainbow Molded Cups?!
They're sure to be a hit, and you can find them on Oriental Trading for less than $2 a cup.
Turn some simple watercolor paints into the perfect rainbow party favor with some ribbon and tags.
Stephanie Howell originated this simple but cute idea!
You have all the ideas now for the perfect birthday party, but you still need to keep track of them all and make sure it all gets done! Don't worry, we've covered that too; check out our FREE PRINTABLE party planning checklist just for you!
Click below to get your copy!

Thanks for reading! We hope you've found some gold at the end of your party-planning rainbow on this post, and that your rainbow birthday party will be vibrant and magical for you and your little one!

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The Best Unicorn Birthday Ideas + Free Printable

Unicorns, we love them! If your little one is obsessed with these mythical sparkly creatures, look no further for birthday party inspiration, because we have the perfect unicorn birthday party ideas for a magical birthday celebration!

Whether you're a do-it-yourself master or prefer to purchase premade for less prep and more party, you can find everything you need below to throw the most epic sparkly unicorn birthday of your child's dreams.

First things first, invitations! Gather the herd with these unicorn birthday invitations.
You can download, edit, and print your own, or order them pre-printed.
Check them out below!

 You can edit and print this adorable Unicorn Invitation from T3DesignsCo on Etsy yourself, saving time and money.

If you prefer ordering pre-printed invitations, qtpaperie offers these Unicorn Party Invitations on Etsy.

They are super easy to customize, and they arrive at your door ready to be mailed back out!

Whether you're a master home baker or prefer store-bought creations, we've gathered some ideas to get you started!
You can find DIY options to make at home as well as inspiration for your local baker below.
Use these incredible unicorn cakes as inspiration for your local baker!
You can create these incredible unicorn creations at home!
Follow the links below for some great unicorn birthday cake tutorials.
Add some magical sparkle to your party space with these unicorn birthday decor ideas.
We've got balloons, gift bags, banners, and more below!

You can grab this Pastel Balloon Garland Kit on Etsy. It even comes with the tinsel curtain included!

At a unicorn birthday party, what's better than an actual (almost) life-sized blow-up unicorn?!

You can grab this 46" Magical Unicorn Airwalker on Etsy.

SixCleverSisters offers this Free Printable Unicorn Banner.

Spell out your little one's name, "Happy Birthday" or anything else you'd like!

Easy to print and string at home.

Hip2Save shares lots of dollar store DIY unicorn birthday ideas, including these festive Easy Unicorn Goody Bags.

Every unicorn princess needs a fabulous outfit!
We have some shirts specially designed to add a rainbow pop to your little one's look.
They are completely customizable; you can even add your child's name!

We created this Unicorn Birthday Outfit with your little one in mind!

Check out our Etsy shop for different ages, and customize the name.

 We also offer this Rainbow Unicorn design that is fully customizable as well!
 Feed your wild unicorn herd with these unicorn birthday party food ideas! We've got main dish ideas, as well as snacks and sweets galore!

Cookie cutters are a super easy way to add a festive twist to regular sandwiches.

Thanks to MyKidsTime for sharing the Unicorn Sandwich idea!

The AllAboutKids blog made cheese twists from puff pastry, closely resembling a unicorn's best feature!

Perfectly dippable in cheese or marinara sauce.

BuildingOurStory used a little food coloring on the cauliflower to build this super easy Rainbow Veggie Tray.
Brings new meaning to the phrase "eat your colors"!

You can arrange a rainbow fruit tray similarly to the veggie tray above, too!

Add some fruit dip or whipped topping to the ends to make some fluffy clouds.

 SimplyGloria created this tasty Funfetti Bugles recipe so your partygoers can snack on some tasty miniature unicorn horns.

Every party needs something to channel the energy.
Check out our top picks for unicorn birthday party games and activities below!

Scavenger hunts are a classic activity for all ages, and DesignsAholic has already done all the work for a super fun Unicorn Treasure Hunt.

Purchase the clue cards and print at home!

You can arrange the hunt whichever way works best for your party space.

Turn your guests into the cutest unicorns with this Unicorn Headband tutorial from Events to Celebrate!

A step-by-step guide and materials list is available through the link.

Every kid loves slime.

Add some glitter and unicorn magic, and it's sure to be an even bigger hit!

The Best Ideas for Kids blog has an easy-to-follow recipe to make this Unicorn Slime at home with some simple household ingredients!

 I Watch Them Grow shares this fun Rainbow Jewelry idea.

Make a necklace, bracelet, or keychain, and add each guest's name for a personalized touch!

Send your guest home with a little unicorn magic to take with them and commemorate the fun day.
Check out our top picks for simple and affordable unicorn birthday party favors below.

We found these cute Unicorn Bubble Tubes from MadHatterPartyBox on Etsy.

They're $1.60 or less per tube!


Temporary tattoos are a classic kid favorite.

Snag these Unicorn Temporary Tattoos on Etsy for less than $0.50 apiece!

We've heard these Unicorn Crayons are infused with unicorn kisses to enhance any coloring sheet...don't quote us, though.
You'll have to try them yourself!
If you decided that the DIY breaded bracelets above weren't for you, you can find premade ones on Etsy from HerFirstFriend!
Add each guest's name for a fully customizable favor.
You have all the ideas now for the perfect birthday party, but you still need to keep track of them all and make sure it all gets done! Don't worry, we've covered that too; check out our FREE PRINTABLE party planning checklist just for you!
Click below to get your copy!

Thanks for reading! We hope your unicorn birthday party is a magical time!

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The Best Space Birthday Party Ideas + Free Printable

If your little aspiring astronaut has a birthday coming out, we can help you with your outer space birthday party ideas!

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The Best Monster Truck Birthday Party Ideas + Free Printable

If your little guy loves big trucks and lots of mud you will love these monster truck birthday party ideas we put together!

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The Best Shark Birthday Party Ideas + Free Printable

If your little one loves sharks, a shark-themed birthday party is sure to please! Here are some fin-tastic ideas for a jaw-some shark party!

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The Best Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas for Boys + Free Printable

Dinosaur birthday parties are a timeless classic. We've put together the perfect guide to help you pull off a fun and memorable dino birthday party for your little one.

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The Best Firefighter Birthday Party Ideas + Free Printable

Courageous, bold, and selfless - the job of a firefighter should be celebrated. If your little one looks up these heroes, what better way to celebrate than with a firefighter birthday party?

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The Best Construction Birthday Party Ideas + Free Printable

Is your construction-loving child's birthday fast approaching? Try these fool-proof construction birthday party ideas!

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