The Best Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas for Boys + Free Printable

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One of the oldest in the book (literally!), dinosaur birthday parties are a timeless classic. We've put together the perfect guide to help you pull off a fun and memorable dino birthday party for your little one.

Scroll to see our top picks for dinosaur cakes, dinosaur games, dinosaur decor, and more dinosaur party ideas!


Kick off the party with these fun invitation ideas!
Let your crew know about the upcoming dinosaur adventure with these fully customizable, print-it-yourself designs.
You can find this Dinosaur Invitation from 
This Dinosaur Birthday Invitation from SweetPixelPrints on Etsy is another cute option!
This one is more cartoon-like for a softer dinosaur theme.
Print these yourself at home for a quick and easy invite option!
Chomp into these decorative and delicious cake ideas for the perfect dinosaur birthday cake! Add some plastic dinosaur toys to instantly transform an everyday cake into a Jurassic masterpiece.

This Easy Dinosaur Cake from YouPinspireMe is super simple to put together!
Click the photo to see the full idea.
If you're up for a little more baking, check out this Dinosaur Cake from Made to Be a Momma.
Her chocolate ganache recipe is the perfect topping for this chocolatey delight!
Look the part of a prehistoric explorer with these birthday t-shirt designs!
Roar into the next year of life in style.

Customizable with any age and name, you can find this
Check out this Rex Birthday Shirt - another favorite in our shop!
Customize with any name and age.
Tranform your party space into Jurassic Park with these dinosaur birthday party decorations!
Whether you're a do-it-yourself kinda party planner, or let the more crafty ones take care of your decorating, we've gathered plenty of options for you.
These DIY paper mache dinosaur bones from Surviving a Teacher's Salary are a fun addition if you're willing to get a little crafty!
Check out this RAWR Balloon Garland from GirlyGifts07 on Etsy!
Customize the length and which balloons are included.
You can chose any combo of RAWR letters, dinosaur balloons,
and plain garland balloons to fit your needs.
BlushBalloonParty offers these ROAR Letter Balloons on Etsy!
Add your own standard balloons for the perfect dinosaur jungle look.
For the craftier do-it-yourself-ers among us, here's an adorable
Paper Leaf Strand idea you can put together at home!
Merriement Design has a fantastic tutorial.
Perfect for making your party space into a prehistoric jungle!
A Handmade Tale made these paper dinosaur tracks, and you can to!
An easy addition to add some prehistoric pizzaz.
Want something quick and easy?
Save some time with this pre-made Dinosaur Birthday Banner
from DivinePartyDecor on Etsy. Simple and easy!
These hands-on activities are perfect for dinosaur exploration!
Indoor or outdoor, we've got ideas to fit any dinosaur party.
Freeze some small toy dinosaurs to create some ice age fossils!
Have the kiddos melt them with salt,
or even smash them on concrete to free their dino friends.
What dinosaur party is complete without a fossil dig?
Just Add Confetti shared this fantastic Dino Dig activity idea.
Bury some plastic dino toys in sand or other diggable material,
and let your little paleontologists get to work!
Perfect for indoor play or for younger children, this
Mom's Tot School is a great alternative to a typical baloon pop game.
Use beanbags to pop the dinosaur shape!
Give your guests something to chomp on with these perfect dinosaur birthday party food ideas!
Carnivore or herbivore, we've got something for all dinosaur types from the largest of sauruses to the smallest of raptors.
Find the solution for all your paper and flatware needs on!
This Dino Disposable Dinnerware set takes the stress off doing dishes.
These adorable Dino Fruit Skewers from Finding Zest
are the perfect addition to your dinosaur feeding station!
There's even a yogurt dip with the recipe for a delicious treat.
We love these fun Dinosaur Footprint cookies from Paging Fun Mums!
Use a toy dinosaur to make the prints,
and add some food coloring to create some fun jungle tracks!
These "carnivore" and "herbivore" trays by Pretty My Party
are great for guests of all ages and preferences!
Your guests need something to show they survived the jungle on their dinosaur adventure!
Grab these cute favors from Etsy!
These adorable Dinosaur Temporary Tattoos are available from xoFetti on Etsy!
Snag a few to celebrate your dinosaur adventure.
RecycledIdeas offers these dinosaur seed packets as great party favors!
You can plant the whole dinosaur, keep it damp, and watch a mix of wildflowers grow!
You can find these dinosaur crayon packs on Etsy!
They're a great prepackaged take-home option.
You have all the ideas now for the perfect birthday party, but you still need to keep track of them all and make sure it all gets done! Don't worry, we've covered that too; check out our FREE PRINTABLE party planning checklist just for you!
Click below to get your copy!

Thanks for reading. We hope your dinosaur birthday party is a roaring success!

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