The Best Space Birthday Party Ideas + Free Printable

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Do you know an aspiring little astronaut? Outer space birthday parties are fun for all ages and perfect fuel for imagination.

We've put together an out-of-this-world party guide that will help you with space birthday party decorations, space birthday cake, space birthday shirts for kids, and much more!

Let this guide be your launchpad for a successful liftoff of the best space birthday party ever!

Ensure a smooth launch with these space themed birthday party invitations!
You can customize these Space Birthday Invitations from SHOPJANDY on Etsy
and print them yourself for quick and easy invites.
iDesignsPrintable has this fun cartoon-like spaceship party invitation design on Etsy!
Customize the details and print as many as you need.
This one includes a free backside to your invitation,
as well as a premade thank-you card file to follow up with your guests!
Dig into these delicious creations to celebrate your space themed birthday.
Tackle this gorgeous Galaxy Cake with the tutorial from Sugar & Sparrow!
It looks out of this world and tastes even better!
Apples & Beavers offers two great ideas for your birthday dessert needs -
a rocketship cake and these adorable alien cupcakes!
Dress the part of a fearless astronaut! We've got special birthday t-shirts that you can fully customize!
Blast into the next year with this Blasting Into Birthday Shirt from our shop!
Customize with any age and add the child's name to the rocketship.
Another one of our designs from the shop -
Transform your party space into a extraterrestrial adventure with these fun space birthday party decorations!
Snag this Astronaut Themed Balloon Garland Kit from BlushBalloonParty on Etsy!
Multiple lengths are available for your decoration needs.
Birthday candles are a must, and these Astronaut and Rocket Candles from SouthLakeGifts are the perfect solution.
Celebrate your little astronaut with this Custom Vinyl Space Banner from PalmtoPineDesign.
Help your little astronauts complete their mission with these fun space birthday party games!
Send your extraterrestrial explorers on a moon rock hunt!
Party Like a Cherry has this fun activity idea perfect for outside or inside!
Bonus if you can conduct anti-gravity training on a trampoline beforehand.
this fun idea from Cook Clean Craft is sure to be a slam dunk
(if you make it in the bucket, that is.)
We'll let you decide if you include Pluto or not.
If the weather is nice and you have some space, you can have an asteroid battle with water balloons!
Cook Clean Craft provides this alternate idea for some outdoor fun.
Your astronauts need some rocket fuel! Feed your flight crew with these fantastic space birthday party food ideas. 
Popsugar offers a fun Star-Shaped Sandwich idea.
All you need is a star cookie cutter to bring this celestial creation to life.
Check out these Rocket Fruit Kebabs from Taste.
Your kiddos will have a blast with these!
Need a sweet treat that's out of this world? Look no further!
This Homemade Galaxy Ice Cream recipe is as easy to make as it is mesmerizing.
As you send your adventurers back down to Earth, make sure it's a journey they won't forget!
Grab these fun space-themed temporary tattoos from ThePartiesThatPop on Etsy!
Each pack comes individually wrapped and includes 7 tattoos.
Fun and functional, these adorable Space Crayons are offered by AlphaCrayons on Etsy.
Choose the number of crayons in each gift-wrapped pouch and
check one more thing off your party planning to-do list!
Whatever you choose to give as a party favor, make sure it's packaged in the perfect space capsule!
Check out these Outer Space Treat Boxes from BigDotofHappiness on Etsy!
You have all the ideas now for the perfect birthday party, but you still need to keep track of them all and make sure it all gets done! Don't worry, we've covered that too; check out our FREE PRINTABLE party planning checklist just for you!
Click below to get your copy!

Thanks for reading! We hope your space birthday party is a blast!

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