The Best Unicorn Birthday Ideas + Free Printable

Neil Maley

Unicorns, we love them! If your little one is obsessed with these mythical sparkly creatures, look no further for birthday party inspiration, because we have the perfect unicorn birthday party ideas for a magical birthday celebration!

Whether you're a do-it-yourself master or prefer to purchase premade for less prep and more party, you can find everything you need below to throw the most epic sparkly unicorn birthday of your child's dreams.

First things first, invitations! Gather the herd with these unicorn birthday invitations.
You can download, edit, and print your own, or order them pre-printed.
Check them out below!

 You can edit and print this adorable Unicorn Invitation from T3DesignsCo on Etsy yourself, saving time and money.

If you prefer ordering pre-printed invitations, qtpaperie offers these Unicorn Party Invitations on Etsy.

They are super easy to customize, and they arrive at your door ready to be mailed back out!

Whether you're a master home baker or prefer store-bought creations, we've gathered some ideas to get you started!
You can find DIY options to make at home as well as inspiration for your local baker below.
Use these incredible unicorn cakes as inspiration for your local baker!
You can create these incredible unicorn creations at home!
Follow the links below for some great unicorn birthday cake tutorials.
Add some magical sparkle to your party space with these unicorn birthday decor ideas.
We've got balloons, gift bags, banners, and more below!

You can grab this Pastel Balloon Garland Kit on Etsy. It even comes with the tinsel curtain included!

At a unicorn birthday party, what's better than an actual (almost) life-sized blow-up unicorn?!

You can grab this 46" Magical Unicorn Airwalker on Etsy.

SixCleverSisters offers this Free Printable Unicorn Banner.

Spell out your little one's name, "Happy Birthday" or anything else you'd like!

Easy to print and string at home.

Hip2Save shares lots of dollar store DIY unicorn birthday ideas, including these festive Easy Unicorn Goody Bags.

Every unicorn princess needs a fabulous outfit!
We have some shirts specially designed to add a rainbow pop to your little one's look.
They are completely customizable; you can even add your child's name!

We created this Unicorn Birthday Outfit with your little one in mind!

Check out our Etsy shop for different ages, and customize the name.

 We also offer this Rainbow Unicorn design that is fully customizable as well!
 Feed your wild unicorn herd with these unicorn birthday party food ideas! We've got main dish ideas, as well as snacks and sweets galore!

Cookie cutters are a super easy way to add a festive twist to regular sandwiches.

Thanks to MyKidsTime for sharing the Unicorn Sandwich idea!

The AllAboutKids blog made cheese twists from puff pastry, closely resembling a unicorn's best feature!

Perfectly dippable in cheese or marinara sauce.

BuildingOurStory used a little food coloring on the cauliflower to build this super easy Rainbow Veggie Tray.
Brings new meaning to the phrase "eat your colors"!

You can arrange a rainbow fruit tray similarly to the veggie tray above, too!

Add some fruit dip or whipped topping to the ends to make some fluffy clouds.

 SimplyGloria created this tasty Funfetti Bugles recipe so your partygoers can snack on some tasty miniature unicorn horns.

Every party needs something to channel the energy.
Check out our top picks for unicorn birthday party games and activities below!

Scavenger hunts are a classic activity for all ages, and DesignsAholic has already done all the work for a super fun Unicorn Treasure Hunt.

Purchase the clue cards and print at home!

You can arrange the hunt whichever way works best for your party space.

Turn your guests into the cutest unicorns with this Unicorn Headband tutorial from Events to Celebrate!

A step-by-step guide and materials list is available through the link.

Every kid loves slime.

Add some glitter and unicorn magic, and it's sure to be an even bigger hit!

The Best Ideas for Kids blog has an easy-to-follow recipe to make this Unicorn Slime at home with some simple household ingredients!

 I Watch Them Grow shares this fun Rainbow Jewelry idea.

Make a necklace, bracelet, or keychain, and add each guest's name for a personalized touch!

Send your guest home with a little unicorn magic to take with them and commemorate the fun day.
Check out our top picks for simple and affordable unicorn birthday party favors below.

We found these cute Unicorn Bubble Tubes from MadHatterPartyBox on Etsy.

They're $1.60 or less per tube!


Temporary tattoos are a classic kid favorite.

Snag these Unicorn Temporary Tattoos on Etsy for less than $0.50 apiece!

We've heard these Unicorn Crayons are infused with unicorn kisses to enhance any coloring sheet...don't quote us, though.
You'll have to try them yourself!
If you decided that the DIY breaded bracelets above weren't for you, you can find premade ones on Etsy from HerFirstFriend!
Add each guest's name for a fully customizable favor.
You have all the ideas now for the perfect birthday party, but you still need to keep track of them all and make sure it all gets done! Don't worry, we've covered that too; check out our FREE PRINTABLE party planning checklist just for you!
Click below to get your copy!

Thanks for reading! We hope your unicorn birthday party is a magical time!

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